Why your home needs a beautiful, durable iron gate

You've seen them in the movies and on TV. They're often found around large estates, guarding the entrance to a mansion or estate. And now you can have one of your own! Iron gates are durable and beautiful additions that will help keep unwanted visitors out while adding to your home's curb appeal.  

A custom gate not only provides security but also looks lovely with any landscaping design - whether it's formal or informal. A custom iron gate is an elegant way to protect your family and property from intruders without giving up style or elegance for security. 

Wrought iron is an alloy made from several metals, typically including carbon and silicon. It's strong but malleable, which means it can be molded into almost any shape - making it perfect for ornamental design work! Wrought-iron gates are also known for being lighter than their cast alloy counterparts.

Reasons to install a custom gate for your home

Adds appeal to your home 

 Iron gates are a great way to increase the curb appeal of your home. They are also a great addition to your home for security. Iron gates can be designed to fit most styles of homes and décor, adding beauty where you need it the most. With so many commercial and residential options available, creating one with the highest quality compliments your home is easy! 

It can be custom made to fit the look of your house 

They can be customized with different designs and colors, so you can find one that matches your home perfectly. They offer customizability, durability and they can last a lifetime. You cannot ask for more from your property gate. Custom iron gates are a fantastic choice if you want to add style to the front of your house while adding security at the same time! 

Adds privacy 

Quality iron gates are also an excellent complement for fences, especially if you desire privacy in your yard. Wrought iron gates give the feeling of security and protection while adding style and elegance where needed most. Iron gates provide safety for your family and pets by keeping them safe from intruders and strangers. 

How do you care for your iron gate?

A residential and commercial Austin Texas iron gate is durable and can last for years with proper care and maintenance, but it does require some work to keep looking beautiful. 

Iron gates should be cleaned yearly: If you've noticed rust spots or discoloration in the paint of your iron gate, don't panic! This may mean that your fence doesn't get enough sunlight - not that there's anything wrong with the quality of the paint job. Adding sunscreen coating to darken up metal surfaces will prevent these problems from occurring again when cleaning later this year.  

You can also apply paint on your iron gate as soon as you notice any rust spots. Rust removal products can be found at local hardware stores and aren't typically expensive. 

However, if your iron gate is made of wrought iron rather than cast alloy, these solutions may not work for removing rust or discoloration - they'll damage the paint on top instead! In this case, it's best to allow a professional ironworker or blacksmith to take care of your metal gate. 

There are many different cleaning solutions available commercially as well as online such as those found on Amazon or eBay, which provide safe ways of removing dirt, mold, and other stains without causing damage to the surface of your fence either during the application or later when exposed to weather conditions over long periods. Treating vinegar after applying the cleaning solution will prevent rust spots from occurring due to moisture left behind. 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, there are still some stubborn dirt or mold stains that just won't come off with any commercially available cleaner.  

A simple and inexpensive way is to use a metal wire brush (found at your local Austin Texas, hardware store). These brushes usually cost less than $20, and while they may take time and patience, they'll get the job done without causing damage to your iron gate like sandpaper might do. 

How much does iron get cost?

Custom iron gates are known for holding up to the elements, so they will typically cost a bit more than other types of gates. Depending on what type of iron gate you want, property size, where you live, and the company you hired to build the gate, it can range from $20 per square foot to over $100 per square foot. 

The price will depend on the type of material you choose. For example, wrought iron costs more than aluminum and steel because it is a higher quality metal that can withstand weather better and last longer. If you plan to install your gate in an area with high winds or lots of rain (like near water), this may be worth the extra money. 

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Which color is the best for iron gates?

Iron Fence Builder

The color will depend on the style of your house and your personal preference. In general, iron gates tend to be black, with a few exceptions, such as painted white or bronze (the latter is tough to maintain). 

Black: Black iron tends to look formal and serious; if you want something more fun, consider painting your gate! 

White: White (and sometimes grey) iron looks very industrial and is excellent for industrial-style homes; it can look plain or rustic depending on the way you install your gate. 

Powder-coated: Powder coat paint colors are slightly more expensive, but they give a much more comprehensive range of possible color choices than standard paints do with their limited selection of colors. 

Bronze: Bronze gates are a bit more challenging to maintain; however, they can add an elegant touch to your home and go well with Mediterranean-style homes. 

Beige/sandstone: These colors give the illusion of being made from stone when in fact, they’re made from iron or steel - very unique! They work well for contemporary or rustic homes. 

Brown: Brown is a good choice if you want to achieve the same look as beige-colored gates, but without going with such an ‘out there’ color, it can blend in well with most settings and give your home some elegance. 

Grey: Grey works very well when paired with black, either to go with a very modern home or one that’s more on the formal side. 

Gold: Gold may look tacky when used excessively, but it can add some glamour and elegance if you have an otherwise simple design for your gate; use sparingly!  

Green/blue: Green is not standard in gates, but it can look very nice if you have a rustic or countryside-type home. Blue is also not standard in iron gates; however, it works well for a more modern house style. 


Custom gates built with quality materials are a great way of adding security and protection to your property. They can be used as a barrier for pets or children while also being decorative in their own right. An iron gate project is an investment that will last many years with the proper care and maintenance, so it's worth considering what you want from yours before deciding on one type over another. 

If you're not sure whether an iron gate project would suit your needs, get in touch with the Austin Iron Fences team today! We specialize in designing bespoke commercial and residential gates for properties across Austin, and we'd love to chat about how we might help make yours perfect too. 


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