How to Design the Ideal Driveway Gate Installation

Designing the perfect driveway gate installation is a tricky process. It's essential to consider your property and needs before making any decisions, but we're here to help! Read on for some helpful tips that will make this process easier and more enjoyable. 

What are complete driveway gates?

Complete driveway gates are usually metal or iron gates, often with electronic security features. They are great for keeping out intruders and animals while allowing you to drive through your driveway (or another opening.) Some complete driveway gates open automatically via remote control, but this feature will add to the installation cost. Some are manual, requiring you to pull them up or push them down. 

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Decide on the type of driveway gates you want

There are two significant types of driveway gates to choose from: swing gates and slide gates. 

A swing entry gate opens like a door, moving on hinges along the side of the opening. They're commonly seen at home entrances, barns, warehouses, workshops, garages, and more. Swing gates come in both full and half-height models and can be designed as stand-alone or sliding options. 

On the other hand, slide entry gates open inward or outward by sliding sideways across an arc. Used mainly for commercial applications such as car dealerships, parking garages, and storage facilities, they come with plenty of options, including photocells and Fall Detection Sensors that close the gate if it receives no signal from the transmitter after a set time. 

You can also choose between single and double car widths if you're looking to install two gates end-to-end. 

Automatic gates

In addition to the type of driveway gates you want, it's also essential that you consider electric driveway gates. If your driveway is long and has a sharp turn at the end, automatic gates will ensure that your driveway gate opens and closes easily and smoothly every time. It can also make your driveway safer by preventing driveway accidents and will add a high-tech look to your property

Manual gates

Manual gates are a relatively affordable option, which is good for people who want an entry gate but don't have the money to put it toward automatic gates. This entry gate is operated by being lifted either manually or with a rope and pulley system. Manual gates offer all the benefits of driveway gates without automated features. 

Height and weight of your gate

Because slide and swing gates in Austin, Texas come in different heights and weights, it's essential you determine which one is right for your driveway before moving forward with the design process.  

The height of your entry gate must be tall enough to let vehicles through without obstructing traffic or visibility, but not so tall that people have a hard time reaching the latch from inside their cars. In most cases, 36" - 42" is sufficient for residential applications, while 48" - 52" is recommended if you have a busier road or expect large trucks to pass by regularly. 

Consider the style of your home and what will best fit with your driveway gate

Once you decide on your entry gate type, you'll want to choose one that looks aesthetically pleasing and will work in sync with the design style of your home. 

The style of your Austin Texas, home will usually be the most significant factor in determining what type of driveway gates works best. If you have a very modern-style home, you might want to consider investing in a custom swing gate model with clean contemporary lines and detailing—perhaps even one with a polished chrome finish. 

If your home has more traditional or antique-style elements, perhaps a slide gate would work better for your new gate installation. You can find plenty of custom, stylish, elegant, yet straightforward options to blend well with most homes. 

While not all swing gates come in different styles, they're typically more customizable than slide gates, manufactured with fixed options. 

If your home features tall windows or arched doorways, choosing a tall swing gate could look unpleasing and out of place. A sliding gate can easily hide behind tall shrubbery or wood fencing and effortlessly blend into outdoor living spaces. Look for low-voltage lighting kits to add some fun and festivity after dark if needed. 

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Choosing the driveway gate design and price that is most affordable for you

Sometimes it's hard to choose which driveway gate you'll want. If that's the case, ask your service contractor if they can show you some of their previous work and provide a photo gallery where you can browse through their past projects and pick out what you like best.  

It's a known fact that most service contractors are willing to do this because it's just another way of showing their customers the job quality, materials, and how experienced they are with all types of residential or business designs, options, and price ranges. 

Remember, don't be afraid of asking the business anything. 

Get a quote for installation from at least three different businesses

With so many different businesses offering professional gate installation in Austin Texas, you must research your options before making any decisions. 

When comparing quotes, be sure to ask each business about the materials they'll be using for the job and what accessories will come with your new gate. Check them for quality and possible damages. Also, consider whether or not their technicians are experienced in working with slide gates if that's the type of installation you're interested in. 

Most importantly, don't forget to ask each company about their warranty—the industry standard is usually a 1-year for labor and parts. Still, some insurance providers may require two years or more. Asking this question could save you money down the road. 

Consider working with a professional and experienced company that can guide you through every step of the design process—from determining what type of gate is right for your home–to designing one that fits perfectly within your budget and security requirements. 

Working with a reputable company that specializes in driveway gate installation can not only save you time—it can also help keep your property with the best security. 

Call the company back that meets all your driveway gate requirements

It's crucial to obtain all the necessary information before deciding which top installer you'll choose. Call back any operators that have passed your interrogation process and are fully qualified for the job. Once you are satisfied with their experience, warranties, equipment sizes, gate types, prices, hours of operation, locations served, and overall positive reviews from past customers - make sure to sign a contract with them.  

Compare the driveway gate quotes again before making a decision

By this time, you should have obtained at least 3 or 4 competitive quotes from reliable and fully qualified driveway gate companies in Austin, Tx. However, your home improvement project is far from over yet. This is the point where you need to compare all of the rates, fees, and prices again to make sure their estimates are accurate. If not, chances are one of them might be trying to pull a fast one on you by overcharging for shipping/delivery or services rendered.  

You can also ask them if they provide any warranty plans for their products and services since there's no sense in hiring a business that doesn't stand behind what they sell with some guarantee. 

There may only be a few contractors here and there that can match or even beat their prices, but it's well worth the time and effort to find them. 

Go with the driveway gate company that meets all of your needs. However, make sure they are willing to come out here on short notice whenever something happens since there's nothing worse than having a broken down gate out front during emergencies like snowstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Make sure you feel confident in them working at your location as well.  

Consider adding driveway gate safety features and accessories

After you've done your homework and hired a company to install your driveway gate, the next step is to ensure it's safe and secure. Your contractor should come out periodically throughout the year to service, clean, and lubricate any moving parts of your system. If not, they will work on an as-needed basis, which could cost more in the long run if anything goes wrong with one of your drive or slide gates, mainly if that problem occurs during an emergency like a major storm event when you need them most. 

Any reputable commercial or residential driveway gate installation business should provide these essential services for all clients within their coverage areas:  

  • Gate Repair - whether it's broken springs or busted doors/hinges;  
  • Gate Re-Installation - if you need to move it from one location to another;  
  • Gate Check-Ups / Lubrication - they should provide tune-up services that keep your gate operating smoothly and quietly as well as help them avoid any unnecessary damage or wear & tear on hinges, springs, and wheels.  
  • Gate accessories - these include but are not limited to: photo eyes, motion sensors, keypads/keyless entries, phone app controls, video cameras & audio speakers. You can also have a "panic button" installed near the driveway gate controller so emergency personnel can gain immediate access to your property quickly during an emergency. If you happen to be home during a break-in, you can hit the panic button, and your driveway gate will open up to give them access as needed.  

In conclusion

A driveway gate can be an investment in your home and family. The right one will provide you with peace of mind while looking great! As you review the options listed above, consider what is most important to you when making this decision.  

What are your desired features? Do any safety concerns come into play for your children or pets? If so, which gates would best address these needs? Keeping everything in mind- from style to price- we hope our list has helped narrow down some potential choices for your new driveway gates purchase.  

Austin Iron Fences is the trusted company for your driveway gate services. You can rest easy knowing that you’ve hired a contractor who will work with you to find the perfect solution for your home or business while also providing excellent service and customer care. If you have any questions about our products or services, please post in the comments below or contact us today! 


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